Friday, October 12, 2012


Raise Your Hand
if you have ever searched for your flaws
if you have ever had them pointed out to you
if you fell and blamed yourself
if you cried and hated the headaches that followed
raise your hand 
if you have even been different
stood in front of yourself and wondered why
why am I taller than her
why do i like my hair short?
what makes me stand out in a crown of thousands
but makes me vanish in a room of 20?
Raise your hand
if you feel like walking out of your home can sometimes feel like standing in a lineup
no shadows, this is the sun at noon
all eyes on you 
and you wonder why:
Is it because of my idiosyncrasies?
Is it because I am different?
Can you see the seams?
Did i forget to button up?
or is it
When I raised my hand, glitter fell from my palm
When I let you know I was flawed I meant it with pride
I fell, in love, out of taste, on the ground
and each time I got up and raised my hand
I raise my hand to answer your questions
not because I have any of my own
I raise my hands to let you know 
yes, I am this tall
I like being a girl in short hair 
and an Elvis pompadour
I am an intellectual who looks like a pin-up
I raise my hand in the center of a ring to let you know
I am triumphant
I say... one more time
Raise Your Hands. 

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