Monday, July 8, 2013

Letters in C major.

I would like to bite you.
Not a request more of a statement of what's to come. 
I would like to teasingly roll your slin between my front teeth, raking my tongue over the bruised flesh.
I don't want to hurt you, much. 
I want you to turn your head and remember I was there.
You make me primal, sort of territorial. I want to push you against the wall, pulling your hair between my fore finger, my middle finger, and my thumb. 
Wound tightly. 
I would hurt you enough to leave you distracted when you smell my perfume. 
One sense bombarded by the memory would send you into a rush 
And I would sit away knowing you feel me long after I am gone.
Gentle touches cascaded with jealous words. Confident licks followed with poisonous insecurities I would like to love you this hard to ensure my ego will never be bruised.
I would really like to bite you
Ok may just a nibble, I know you have to work, and I know my smile would give it away.
I am primal
I don't share
And want them all to know what I do to you when the doors are closed.
Wince for me
Shudder when I run my hands across your shoulders
Need to hide behind your desk because I make things like walking and thinking difficult.
I am going to bite you.
Take my portions
And guard my desserts.
I am going to enjoy doing this... This voodoo.
This magic
This white Santeria loving
Psssssst.... Psssst ... Can I bite you?

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