Thursday, April 3, 2014

Disney... Ruined My Tolerance for Non-Prince Charmings

"You're the best thing I never knew I needed"
-The Princess and The Frog

When I was a little girl I had a love... rather an unhealthy obsession with all things Disney. I had every doll... well ok, not every doll, but every other doll was must. I had the books, sang the soundtrack in the shower, I was a Disney princess dammit. I wanted to live in the magic of technicolor worlds, with flawless bouncy hair, a killer waist to hip ratio, and most of all musical breaks in the midst of the drama of my life.
When that weird-looking boy made fun of me and I cried, there were no violins, no sad notes played in a minor key.
There was just me. Five foot Seven, ten-year old me.
Then came the Madness... Adolescence...
Aided by the nightmare of being nothing like a princess, looking nothing like the girls who were succeeding, and having no prince who wanted to come along an help "validate" me, I grew into an abusive relationship with all things Disney.
Aladdin was still awesome. Every single movie I watched resonated with the magic and charm I discovered in my youth, but they simultaneously left a bitter taste in my mouth

I am currently finding myself conflicted.
do I continue to pursue a prince charming, facing the tragedy of not being able to find one, as no princess was ever from NYC, who was 6ft tall and a size 12-14?
do i let go of the ideal
Or do I attempt to modify it. Use my life lived in the arms of Disney as a parable, and lesson I need to learn as a child to give me dreamers wings to cope with adulthood.. 

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